5 September 2015

Happy Birthday Freddie

I've been quiet about that, but was amazing being there to celebrate Freddie's birthday and my mom's birthday in Montreux.

I haven't been at the party, but I was more happy to celebrate it with my family in our own.

Was so emotional and magical, certainly was a wash for our heart and soul from all the daily problems that each one of us certainly have.

I suggest to visit the exhibition of Queen, the Studio Experience, you will not be disappointed! The spirit and of the Queen surround you as a big hug. And if you close your eyes, you can feel their magic in the deep, touching your heart as they always do with their songs. I always ask to myself where I could be now without their art.

Those were 2 days that I will never forget! I have met some people from the social media world, which was a pure pleasure...but the best gift was my mum saying to my dad and me "thank you to have brought me here one more time"

2 September 2015

Brian May & Kerry Ellis in Rome!

Was amazing seeing both on them in an italian channel that night (even if the program wasn't so inherent...never mind), raising awareness for what is right, for Cecil and playing beautiful songs! 

Was a big pleasure, can't wait to see them in Italy next February! 

29 July 2015

Rip Cecil

I have no words for what has happened today, only anger inside...

I don't really understand where is the pleasure to kill a beautiful animal to "have it" as a trophy. Where is the pleasure to have a dead animal in a house? Take away a life for what? For self satisfaction...but after this "goal", how will be the conscience?

I don't get it, seriously and I don't call it a form of art; art is poetry, a picture, a painting...a sculpture, but not a dead animal!

Art is self satisfaction, not hunting for trophy...that's a way to express the cowardice in my honest opinion

That's all...I think that is enough, I written what I felt.



19 July 2015

Happy Birthday Doctor Rock!!!

Happy Birthday to an inspirational and amazing man: Brian May!!

Wish to you a fantastic day!

Lots of love



and in stereo photo too, ahah!

9 July 2015

Bri on fox hunting ... from Save Me

"The only thing you can honestly say

about fox hunting is that people 

enjoy it, People have a sadistic

pleasure in seeing an animal ripped

apart. It's sadism. To be honest, it’s

psychopathic behaviour to enjoy the

suffering of another creature. 

People who have no compassion for

animals tend not to have 

compassion for humans either.”

Dr Brian May 

Save Me Trust 



Put a like on Team Fox facebook page, or follow them on twitter at @TeamFox2015

1 June 2015

Brian May & Kerry Ellis live Verona

Was incredible their performance! They have really enchanted the Arena!! 

God Bless you Brian and Kerry! 

30 April 2015

Support Common Decency! 

Showing support to ‪‎CommonDecency‬ project

visit -> commondecency.org.uk

8 April 2015

Today: Ask Brian about Common Decency

Ask today to Brian about the project Common Decency on twitter and on Facebook, will be a nice way to say your opinions and thoughts about it!

Follow the image and please, pay attention to the instructions! 



7 April 2015

One Voice!

After some weeks of long wait full of curiosity, One Voice, the latest song written by Brian May with Kerry Ellis, has been launch today! 

First impressions? Absolutely beautiful, with lots of sentiment inside it and the message is clear and vivid: one voice! 

I'm waiting to read the words of this song, I always do that to don't miss something!

What I really hope, is to hear it live or at last, if is really impossible, to hear it on an album!

Who knows what will happen, let's wait and see :)

at the moment, I want to share this amazing song here, enjoy everyone!! 



5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! Wish to you all happiness and peace!!



17 March 2015

Common Decency: a new interesting project from Brian

As have you seen on Brian May site, a new interesting project has been launch. 

Inspiring because every country in this world wants and is trying to find the common decency and Brian has just done the first step for his country; he is very brave to do this and I really admire him for this! 

I probably won't be able to help him more, than sharing his articles and site!  After all could be an inspiration for us to make something similar for our country too, right? And sharing the articles on our socials could be also useful to our UK friends that probably haven't heard about this initiative yet!

So guys help your UK friends to go here http://www.commondecency.org.uk/ 

and share as much possible!

I really wish all the best and success for this project, especially fro Brian!



13 February 2015

Queen + Adam Lambert Milan

Sorry guys for the long absence, but these days were really exciting for me!

I have been to one of the Queen + Adam Lambert concerts and I still can't believe what I have assisted!

To be honest, I was so worried that the concert could have been cancelled, as happened to the one in Bruxelles (I really hope that Queen and Adam will reschedule the date for them!); but seeing some tweets on twitter I was relieved! 

Has passed 7 years since Queen came in Italy and see them again for the second time was really something amazing!

How wonderful and powerful was and Adam, he has totally impressed me! He has such a fantastic voice and he is very humble, what he was doing was simply a tribute for Freddie, he was celebrating his image and his work, as Brian and Roger do and did in the past with Paul Rodgers! About Roger and Brian : they were absolutely in a great shape, I must say this!

I get the chance to hear Save Me (which I adore so much and that has a deep mean for me), In The Lap Of The Gods; Stone Cold Crazy and was incredible amazing the moment of Last Horizon, how magic was! 

I enjoyed this show more than the one that I seen with Paul Rodgers, there was something more magic!

Later I will put up some pics about it!

Watch this space!




1 January 2015

Queen + Adam Lambert NYE concert


These were my words! I still can't believe that I was able to assist (unfortunately on streaming) at such beautiful concert!

Sincerely watching for the first time a Queen and Adam Lambert concert has put me so much excitement!

Can't believe that in the next months I will be able to assist to one of their concerts!

Adam has really a fantastic voice and I think that he grew up since the 2012, I really hope that he will reach his goals in the future, he is so skilled!

I seen instead Brian and Roger in such a splendid shape! They recover the energies so well after the big gigs in the USA, Japan and also in Australia!


Some of my friends were there and they agreeded about that!

Seen also the fireworks in London was such a fantastic show, never seen ones so big and colorful in all my life!

Wish one day to be in London for the NYE and see them in person!



A close friend of mine give me the permission to put these pics here, hope you will enjoy them!




Brian's official You Tube channel!

Brian Talks
courtesy of ©brianmay.com

So Brian has stepped also on the YouTube world:

he will share with us such interesting video about animals, stereo scope world and music!

So what you are waiting for?

Go on you tube and subscribe! I'm sure that you will not be disappointed!

I admire him so much and he taugh me lots of things in the past years withou knew it...

so I think that is time to help him to sponsorize his work!



31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Wish to everyone here a very lovely Happy New Year!
See you all in the 2015 and thanks to have make great this 2014 with your support and love!
Bless you all!